Presale Price: $0.01 usd Min Purchase: 10,000 ($100 usd) Presale Ends July 15, 2018

WEED Coins are a product used to conduct transactions between buyers and merchants.

Weed Coins Registration
A Crypto Currency for The Cannabis Industry
WEED Coins Technical Data
Coin Type Etherscan Contract Total Supply Min Purchase Presale Ending Wallet Type

    ERC20                   LINK HERE                             1 Billion                            10,000                      July 15, 2018                 MyEtherWallet

Introducing the Weed Coin Marketplace

An online shopping marketplace for all things "WEED"

Merchants rent storefronts within the weed coin marketplace, to sell

products and services using the "Weed Coins" as its payment method.

Merchant storefronts are available Jan 15th 2018

Monthly rental rates from 4995 weed coins ($49.95usd) per month

The operating company is registered with FinCEN as a MSB (Money Transmitter)

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